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Z1 Youth Bar is our dedicated, state of the art youth facility.  It has been in operation since November 2008 and currently opens five days and six evenings per week.
It has recently undergone a transformation has allowed us to utilise the building more efficiently.

We have;

Ground Floor Bar Area - used for general youth clubs, large group sessions and events.

The Snug - a smaller scale area which has a fitted domestic kitchen with chill area.  This is mainly used for small group sessions, one to one life skills delivery and training.

The Nook - a former store cupboard transformed into a small, homely quiet area.  With an art table, fidgets and sensory theme, this is an ideal space for one to one sessions and a space for young people to go when they need a quiet 5 minutes.

Girvan Youth Trust is committed to upholding the UNCRC in all areas of it's youth work programme.

For more on UNCRC in Scotland, check out;

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