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Girvan Youth Trust is a grassroots, community based youth work charity based in South Ayrshire.  Our main aim is to enhance the quality of life for local young people in the Girvan and South Carrick area – an area which is compiled of one main town and eight surrounding villages. 
Girvan Youth Trust also own and manage, the newly refurbished, Z1 Youth Bar – a dedicated youth facility, which operates five days and six evenings per week.

Living in such a rural area has given our local young people many disadvantages to overcome including, but not limited to, employment opportunities, social opportunities and a lack of opportunities to gain life experience. 
The work of Girvan Youth Trust allows local young people the opportunity to engage in youth work.  It also allows them social and educational opportunities from drop in sessions to tailored one to one support with a variety of subjects such as literacy support, theory practice and emotional wellbeing.


The day to day running of Girvan Youth Trust is overseen by our Management Team which is comprised of four Project Co-ordinators.  50% of our Management Team have been involved with Girvan Youth Trust since they were teenagers themselves and very much understand the work we do and the ethos behind it having first-hand experience of it themselves.

Each Co-ordinator has responsibility for an area of Girvan Youth Trust as detailed above ie. StreetLights, Hand in Hand, Life’s A Journey and Z1 Youth Bar and are very knowledgeable in the specialities which their project delivers, come from a variety of backgrounds ie previous employment in finance, civil service and local Government, and are very knowledgeable in the day to day running of Girvan Youth Trust.

We are governed by a Board of Trustees who bring a wide variety of skills to the running and governance of Girvan Youth Trust.

Our Youth Work is underpinned by our Five Core Values;

Bringing people together, encouraging positive relationships to be built and networks to be developed with the hope of creating a sense of belonging within something wider.

Creating chances and choices for young people to achieve, develop and try new things.

The ability to provide young people with the chance to engage in activities they enjoy with people who they choose to spend time with.

To provide young people with the space, guidance and advice in order to help their personal progression and development.

To provide young people with a sense of safety where they know their interests and opinions are valued, listened to and acted upon.

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